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Hardware Care

The Designer Collection Decorative Appliance hardware by Keeler Brass Company in collaboration with Monogram Appliances should be treated with care. Finishes age differently depending on local climates and exposure conditions. Individual handling, cleaning and waxing routines will also affect the aging process.

For product maintenance, follow our General Cleaning Guidelines along with a semiannual wax routine for the Designer Collection Brass only. Following the General Cleaning Guidelines without waxing will allow the Designer Collection Brass to patina more evidently.

The Designer Collection Brass is a living material made of raw polished brass that is purposefully left unsealed to allow for natural oxidation to occur. As the metal ages, it darkens, developing distinct patina and character that only true authentic raw brass can provide.

The Designer Collection Titanium finish does NOT require any wax application as it is already protected by a clear coat.

Note: To maintain Designer Collection Brass, we advise the first wax application should be performed at time of installation. Again, wax is NOT necessary for the Designer Collection Titanium finish.

Prolonged contact with certain items such as anti-bacterial soap, vinegar, wine, lotion, air fresheners, cologne, toothpaste, shaving cream and nail polish remover will alter all surface finishes and void the Keeler Brass Company warranty.

Always spot test in a small inconspicuous area before proceeding with the entire surface with any new cleaning routine.

For daily cleaning, we recommend surfaces are washed gently with a soft and lint-free damp cloth, using a pH neutral liquid soap diluted in water. Rinse and absorb any soap residue completely with water and immediately dry and wipe away any over-spray.

Never use an abrasive material such as a brush or scouring pad to clean the surface. The use of abrasive cleaners, cleansers, disinfectants and tools will alter the surface finish and void the warranty.

Note: Waxing is only recommended for Designer Collection Brass. Designer Collection Titanium does NOT require a wax application.

Using a high-quality clear carnauba paste wax, massage a small amount of wax onto the metal surface and polish with a clean, soft cloth, avoiding any leather components.

It is not necessary for leather to be cleaned too frequently. Leather will age with use and may darken naturally over time. Do not use cleansers not intended for leather or soaps containing detergent.

Leather can be cleaned and maintained with proper leather cleaner and conditioner that helps preserve the hide’s natural oils as opposed to ones that strip the natural oils off.

Always test leather cleansers, conditioning lotions and creams in a small inconspicuous or hidden area to ensure that it is compatible with your leather. Avoid getting cleaner and conditioner intended for leather onto metal components.

If a spill or spot should occur on leather, blot immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge. Do not rub the spot with force or pressure. A drop of saddle soap on a damp cloth may help to remove dirt.

We hope you enjoy your purchase. If we can be of further assistance, please contact our customer support team at 1.800.444.1845 or visit Monogram's contact page.

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Updated: January 2023

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